March 2006

But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence - 1 Peter 3:15
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The Internet. It is estimated that over 800 million people use the Internet (resource dated 2004). Interestingly, over one third Internet users are English speaking. Today there are literally millions of web sites. In seconds you can retrieve archives of material on any topic imaginable. You can gain access to college and university libraries, view the latest snapshot from space, and view web cam images of practically anyplace on the planet. Free streaming audio, video and scholarly research on every subject imaginable. Practically all businesses have a web site as well a many churches and organizations.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract society have a professional looking web site as well. The name is a registered trademark and is protected by law, simply, The home page states clearly, "This is the authoritative web site about the beliefs, teachings, and activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. "

The web site has obviously considered that many of its visitors will not be Jehovah's Witnesses. Not only are the photos and video clips of the highest quality, but the visual mood of the layout and quality is quite attractive and pleasant. Many of the articles have nothing to do with religion and would appeal to most anyone of any age. An example is an article viewable on March 9 about "Chocolate." Nothing negative here just an appealing article that ends with:

"So the next time you enjoy the rich, velvety flavor of chocolate, take a moment to think about the long journey it has made from the bitter bean growing in the Tropics to the appealing chocolate confection before you."

There are dozens of other positive articles that might make you think this would be a good organization to get involved with. Topics such as Healthy Fun on Two Wheels, Cross-Country Skiing, Repair Your Car Safely, and Please Pass the Tortillas make for good light hearted reading.

Of course there are many religious articles that do express their beliefs, at least in a somewhat sanitized way. The top article on their home page is entitled, "Will the Dead Live Again? accompanied with an attractive autumn photo of a young girl with her father in a cemetery. The story is of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who had just died from drinking a corrosive acid that he found in the family medicine cabinet. The Father, heartbroken, seeks comfort and answers from his church:

"Why did this happen?" he asked. The clergyman answered, "God wanted another little angel in heaven."

Disillusioned, he wants nothing more to do with his church.

This caricature "may" represent some churches but certainly wouldn't be the norm from a fundamental biblical church. The obvious intention is to make one discussed at how non-witness churches would treat this situation.

The article continues:

"You too may have wondered what happens at death and whether it will be possible to be reunited with dead loved ones in the future. God's Word, the Bible, sheds light on these questions. Its pages contain clear and comforting answers for all that have faced similar tragedies. More than that, it reveals a glorious prospect that God has promised-the resurrection."

If one weren't a Jehovah's Witness, you would think that the "comforting answers" would apply to "ALL who have faced similar tragedies" regardless of whether or not they were a Jehovah's Witness or even a god fearing person. In other words, the impression is that if a child dies you WILL be reunited with him some day. The ending caption says "Reunion With Loved Ones-A Glorious Prospect."

Under this caption the article ends with:

"...the dead do not suffer. Rather than experiencing torment in a hellfire or being taken by God to become angels in heaven, the dead, including Owen [the man who lost his child], wait in the grave until it is time to be awakened in the resurrection. .-Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10; Ezekiel 18:4. The resurrection will reunite relatives with their loved ones."

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This leads the reader to believe that this glorious resurrection will be for all to enjoy with their departed loved ones with no indication whatsoever that there are tremendous requirements (from the Watchtower perspective) to be able to be reunited with loved ones.

Not only must you become a Jehovah's witness, but you will be expected to attend faithfully weekly meetings, spend many hours a month going door to door with the witness message, and remain faithful to all that is taught by the organization without question. Furthermore, you must take in knowledge through the organization of God's truths. No birthdays, holidays, voting, or blood transfusions. You must not salute the flag, attend a church, or celebrate mother's day or father's day and a host of other don't with peril of being disfellowshipped and loss of salvation.

This is not only your requirement but also of your loved ones if you wish to be reunited. The option if you don't meet the requirements for the paradise earth is, "annihilation." YOU WILL NO LONGER EXIST! Even if you are able to remain faithful to all the mandatory requirements, you still must be tested one final time during the millennium where you could lose it all if you fail.

To make matters worse, if when you die you go out of existence, which is what JWs teach, what exactly is brought back to life? Since you had no soul or spirit that survived your death, the only thing that can be done is a "duplicate" or "replica" of you to be created with a new body. You ceased to exist when you died and now a "clone" (from God's perfect memory) has taken your place on paradise earth. Although witnesses will probably deny that this "resurrection" is a clone, it's hard to imagine any reasoning that would conclude otherwise.

The sad fact is, this article on the Watchtower's official web site is totally devoid of any HINT of not only the requirements they teach essential to live forever with loved ones, but they have distorted the doctrines of the spirit or soul of man, the resurrection as well as how to be right with a Holy God.

Not only are their doctrines and promises devoid of any valued biblical truth, but even if they WERE TRUE, if you thought it through, would you really want to be a Jehovah's Witness?

We'll take this up again in future articles of what the Bible really says about these important truths, and how we can have confidence that the real you can spend eternity in the presence of God and those who are His when this life is over.


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