August 2007

But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence - 1 Peter 3:15

Witnesses Defend Watch Tower Control!

Following the witness convention in June, I posted my experience on the internet on a Jehovah's Witness forum for their comment concerning the control we witnessed at the San Diego District Convention.

Here is my post and 10 Jehovah's Witnesses responses to this thread.

Jerry: Recently I attended a JW district convention here in San Diego. My friend and I politely stood on the sidewalk where witnesses walk by to enter the convention [neither of us are ex-witnesses].As witnesses left we attempted to talk with them. On Saturday we tried to give witnesses a tract much like they offer a Watchtower to me. The only quotes in it were references from the NWT or Watchtower magazines. If a rare one would accept it an elder (we were surrounded constantly by elders) would quickly tell them to throw it away which they would do.

Witnesses refused to either talk with us or take the literature. ...Even when we would ask if they were "following the Christ" (this years motto) they would refuse to answer.

....You would think that an organization that has the truth would be eager to share especially since the odds were 16,000 to 2. This should have been and excellent time to test, prove, and reason from the scriptures, yet all we witnessed was CONTROL.

It seems to me that to have this type of control over the thinking and the minds of people is dangerous and is exactly what witnesses accuse non-witnesses.

What are your thoughts???

witness1: The scriptures tell us "let the peace of the Christ CONTROL in your hearts, for you were, in fact, called to it in one body. and show yourselves thankful. ...This is such a good example of how that CONTROL works for the Christian conscience. That out of such a large gathering, no one wished to argue or fight!!

witness2: This CONTROL spoken of is in reality obedience. If you read Romans 16:17 you will see that it is God's Word that tells us to avoid ones who speak against God's teachings. When we attend our conventions it is to learn and fellowship .. not to debate 'any' slant on God's Word.

witness3: Our daily text of May 28/07 says in part ... "Should we listen to apostates, read their literature, or examine their Web sites on the Internet? If we love God and the truth, we will not do so ... such actions would make us 'sharers in their wicked works.'

witness4: This should help any see that we cannot scripturally have conversations with those who oppose the truth.

witness5: If I were leaving a convention and thought someone wanted to stop me to argue, I wouldn't stop either.

witness6: One of the things we have learned is that you don't go to another religion's place of worship and attempt to offer an opposing viewpoint. No matter what your motive is it will be perceived as an attack against that religion. Jehovah's Witnesses learned that lesson over time. Perhaps, you should learn from their experience.

witness7: hmm... come to our spiritual banquet looking to throw poison. Of course we ignored you.

witness8: I would have ignored ya too. It is not in anyone's, including yours, best interest, to sit and argue in public.

witness9: My DC is not until August so I still have awhile, but if someone were standnig outside the arena area 7 handing out something else not dealing with the convention, I wouldn't take it either.

witness10: I am not interested in persuing discussions with those whose ONLY purpose is to prove us wrong, or who present above said negative information in a hateful, argumentative way.

Forbidding witnesses to read "anything" that would suggest independant thinking is certainly a characterist of a cult and is dangerous physically and spiritually. The sad fact is witnesses blindly follow, unwilling to put the organization to the test.

JW Lady
This Jehovah’s Witness was told to throw away the tract
which she pomply did in the trash you see here.


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