April 2006

But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence - 1 Peter 3:15
Johnnie Walker Whiskey
vs. The Watchtower

The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society claims to be God's representatives on earth. God speaks to the governing body and they in tern speak to the people through the Watchtower magazine. Since God is directing the organization you would expect any information given as if from the voice and hand of God.

Under Charles Taze Russell, the founder of Zions' Watch Tower Tract Society, the emphasis was on Russell's 6 volume work Scripture Studies. The claim that studying them was superior to studying the Bible alone:

"Furthermore, not only do we find that people cannot see the divine plan in studying the Bible itself, but we see also that if anyone lays the 'Scripture Studies' ... after he has read them for 10 years-if he then lays them aside and ignores them and goes to the Bible alone...out experience shows that within 2 years he goes into darkness. On the other hand, if he has merely read the 'S.S.' [Studies in the Scriptures] with their references, and had not read a page of the Bible, as such, he would be in the light at the end of the two years." (Watchtower, Sept. 15, 1910)

This same thinking would continue after Russell's death with the Watchtower magazine "the means the Lord is pleased to use to transmit his message of truth":

"The Watchtower is issued twice each month and brings to its readers the current report which the Lord, in the exercise of his loving-kindness, manifests in the unfolding of his prophecies to those who are devoted to him....the Watchtower being the means the Lord is pleased to use to transmit his message of truth to the people, it is a real comfort to the remnant and the other sheep of the Lord to have this given to the regularly twice each month." (1937 Yearbook, p. 82)

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In 1940 Fred Franz represented the Watchtower in Court and admitted Jehovah God is the editor of the Watchtower magazine:

Question to Fred Franz: "Who subsequently became the Editor of the magazine, the main editor of the 'Watch Tower' magazine?"

Franz's Answer: "Jehovah God."

(Fred W. Franz on the witness stand under oath, New York King's County Clerks' Court Record, 1940, vol. II, p 795)

Not only has the Watchtower made many false prophesies, reverses and changes in doctrine, but in 1982 they were forced to change the cover to the September 15 issue of the Watchtower because they had plagiarized the graphic from a Johnnie Walker Whiskey advertisement.

September 1982 Watchtower

Readers Digest 1982

The bound volumes of the Watchtower magazines printed at the end of the same
year were altered with the above cover picture for the September 15 issue.

Somerset corporation (owners of the Johnnnie Walker label),was alerted to the problem of the cover of the September issue of the Watchtower and promptly contacted Watchtower headquarters. An embarrassed Watchtower Bible and Tract Society agreed to immediately cease printing the borrowed graphic.It was too late to stop production for United States Watchtowers but foreign editions were changed as well as the future bound volume reprints.

Sommerset was assured the printing was done in error and graciously considered the matter settled with no litigation against the Watchtower.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no apology to Watchtower readers of the mishap and devout members are left in the dark if they discover the illegal cover that the organization published.

The Johnnie Walker mishap certainly does not in and of itself prove the Watchtower is a false religion. Nor would we expect perfection from ANY religious organization.

However, considering the long list of false prophecy and doctrinal changes within this organization (many attributed to Jehovah God Himself), it is further evidence that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a man made religious system. One would be wise indeed to test very carefully whether to risk ones eternal destiny in following the teachings of the Watchtower.

The Holy Bible gives the very best guidance:

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (1 Thess 5:2) KJV


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