How to Witness
to Mormons (the book)

Although this is not a tract, we decided to place this unpublished book that we wrote in 1993 among the tracts. Research Applications International converted the text that we provided into PDF and included it on their excellent LDS resourse disk entitled, "LDS Classics CD-ROM" and gave us permission to use the file on this site.

There are 184 pages in the single file, which contains 7 chapters and is about one half megabyte in size. A 28.8 modem connection will take about 5 minutes to download. Most newer browsers contain a "plug-in" which will display the file. If you have an older browser and the file doesn't load, you probably need the browser plug-in which is free from the "Adobe" web site.

We feel that this book is an excellent resource which will help you not only understand what Mormonism teaches, but how to witness to a variety of different types of LDS people.

Before you get the free plug-in from Adobe, just click on the above thumbnail and see if your browser will display the file.